By Maria Bee
Design and Illustration Portfolio

The Christ Hospital Health Network

art direction, brand voice, digital advertising, outdoor, print, video

As part of a highly competitive regional healthcare market, The Christ Hospital Health Network challenged us to create a breakthrough creative campaign to stand out and connect with consumers tired of seeing doctors on billboards.

We delivered a campaign focused on the emotional side of healthcare, celebrating diverse lifestyles and the joy of a life well lived.

For the Pursuit

For the Pursuit

Turns out people don’t actually like thinking about hospitals. The real value of having a great healthcare experience is getting back to being you, doing what you love and living life to the fullest.

The “For the Pursuit” campaign is all about positioning TCHHN as a healthcare provider that gets what makes you tick and will be with you every step of the way.

Hospital ads that don't look like hospital ads

In the sea of clinical sameness that was their competitors’ marketing, TCHHN stood out by using exuberant aspirational images that celebrated personal triumphs instead of reminding people of illness.

We crafted images and key messages for each of their core service lines—joint/spine, oncology, heart, and primary care. Print and billboard examples below.